We serve you and only you.

Business owners like you are the very people our consultants serve, and we take a personal interest in both your professional and personal success.

Naturally, some clients rely on us for more services than others because every business has its own special needs. No matter what type of business you’re in, though, we’re certain we can help you manage it more efficiently and more profitably. Our services are painless, and the benefits are yours.

Commitment to Outstanding Services

Professional Accounting & Consulting Services is committed to providing outstanding professional services to our clients. We believe that professional relationships are long-term and recognize that we grow by helping our clients grow. We appreciate your vision of what successful businesses will need to be and look forward to having the opportunity to work with you.

We are uniquely qualified to meet your needs.

The following highlight some of the advantages that Professional Accounting & Consulting Services offers you:

  • An Obsession with Client Service. We are a customer-driven organization and realize the importance of high quality professional service. We go beyond the traditional walls set up by external accountants and focus on providing practical business ideas and advice from which you can benefit. Our end product is not a financial statement or tax return, but rather, valuable information to assist you in planning and making timely decisions to achieve success.
  • Services that Make a Difference. We take pride in our ability to provide high quality service to our clients. We offer various services that will enable you to operate at a level that is both efficient and profitable. We also maintain ongoing contact during the year to keep abreast of changing conditions that effect your business in order that we will be better able to serve you.
  • Innovative Ideas. Our qualified professionals are well trained, aggressive and provide creative solutions to problems and systems implementation. We understand entrepreneurial business and the changing market place of the twenty first century.
  • Fees that are Fair and Competitive. Our fees demonstrate our continuing commitment to be responsive to the present economic conditions faced by today’s businesses.

As our practice in Northwest Ohio is principally with emerging and medium-sized companies, we are accustomed to serving and devoting our best resources to clients of your size. You can be assured you will receive the best attention and the highest quality service we have to offer.